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About us

Talentability (ˈtaləntəˈbilədē) is a brand founded with the aim of providing professional support to individuals who want to explore their excellence (Talent) and enable businesses to properly use talents and their abilities and achieve above-average results in the business environment (Ability).

Ability services

Companies of all sizes and development stages may benefit from a human resources consultant at any given time. Early-stage start-ups can use HR consulting to bridge the gap when they need ad hoc HR support and are ready to increase their HR team. Well-established companies often use services when they need a new perspective or additional expertise in certain areas, especially when they are in a transition or growth phase.

Signs that may indicate the need for Ability services:

  • You want to introduce something quickly and you don’t have the time and / or expertise
  • You know you need to do something, but you don’t have the internal knowledge or experience to get started
  • You have too many open positions
  • You are going through organizational changes
  • You plan to set or change the strategy and wonder how to communicate it to employees
  • You acquired funding and are making a growth plan
  • Your employee’s engagement seems to be declining
  • Leaders are overwhelmed with human resources issues
  • You notice an increase in business growth
  • You want to plan your employee relationship properly from the beginning

Key competencies

Hiring a strategic human resources consultant provides employees who will be responsible for a particular segment of work, knowledge and skills, and allows the company to focus fully on building business, marketing products and securing financing to help achieve long-term success.

Risk management

Every company must comply with the regulations of the Labour Law and labour status – from the guidelines on wages and working hours, to benefits, discrimination and safety in the workplace. An HR consultant can help you create a smart, inclusive handbook, identify which business segment to think about, help you think about resolving awkward situations, advise you on transferring updates to procedures and ways of doing business in a way that your employees will understand and accept.


HR consultants are experts in people and as such are skilled in communication. An HR consultant can have a positive impact on a company’s communication, improving transparency and clarity, and strengthening the employer-employee relationship. Hire an expert to communicate organizational goals and strategies, help employees understand the full value of their compensation packages and benefits, and make sharing information with the company accessible, informative and enjoyable. An experienced consultant can also coach your management team, helping to set current priorities and building your team’s communication skills in the long run.


The way your business operates – existing processes – can have a huge impact on results. Every process you set up is a reflection of the company’s culture, values and priorities. For example, a recruitment process that is built in a way that favours candidates from a particular corporation or area of education may result in insufficient candidate response. At the same time it prevents diversity for both potential and current employees and sends a message to candidates that an inclusive environment is not a priority.


HR consultants can help a company devise a practical strategy to achieve organizational goals. Strategic HR decisions may include:

  • Organizational goals
  • Employment plan and prioritization
  • Job systematization and performance management
  • Employee development

Professional support for building these strategies from an employee perspective can help the company avoid common pitfalls and build the foundation for long-term success.

Advantages of hiring an HR consultant

One of the primary values of working with an HR consulting firm is a direct and customized approach to the skills of human resources professionals and applying their abilities in helping your company set and achieve its goals. Not all HR consultants provide the same service, there are specialties within HR and it is important to find a partner with the specific expertise you need.

Talent services

Dynamic changes in the market result in the trend of introducing a new concept of (self) employability that requires continuous work on their own competencies and talents in order to successfully respond to (new) needs of employers and the labour market. Every individual involved in labour market has at least once found him- or herself in a position to identify interests, explore numerous opportunities for professional development and / or need support or advice on the way to achieving career goals.

Situations that indicate the need for Talent services:

  • You want your resume to stand out from the large number of job applications
  • You want to emphasize the motivation for the job and show quality knowledge and skills
  • You have topics you want to share with the business world
  • You want to be an authentic and quality candidate in the selection process
  • You think about opportunities and career changes

Career counselling

Although there is no formula that guarantees a successful career, you can get information and seek expert advice and thus prevent failures in professional development. Experienced professionals will openly, based on personal experience and excellent knowledge of the labour market and the “rules of the game” in an industry, give advice to stay competitive and build a successful career.

Preparation for job interviews

Job interview preparation refers to training that uses simulation to prepare a candidate for a job interview in a real-world setting.

This type of training is managed by a professional in a specific form and simulates an interview with a candidate for the purpose of gaining experience. He then gives feedback and points out things the candidate should work on. In addition, it can provide you with professional insight into how to answer certain interview questions in a way that will impress the selection and recruitment expert.

Skills and abilities assessment

In addition to possessing the basic skills needed to perform a particular job, flexible and transferable competencies are increasingly needed, which provide the individual with a whole set of skills, knowledge and attitudes appropriate to most situations in a changing world of work. Assessment helps to better understand strengths and weaknesses, and provides insight into aspects of competencies that require professional development.

Professional branding

Your professional brand is what is important to a potential employer, networking contacts or anyone who can help you find a job or develop a career. A well-designed professional brand makes the difference between whether you get an invitation to that desired interview or not, or to achieve a business collaboration or not.

Resume and cover letter writing

A resume is an important tool in a job search because it offers a page or two where you can showcase your business skills and qualities. Employers use resumes to better understand a candidate’s skills, strengths, and experience. Your resume should reflect accomplishments, awards, education, experience, and any other accomplishments that are consistent with your career path and goals. Your resume is the first point of contact with the employer and sets the tone for the next steps such as pre-selection, call for an interview, call for testing and / or a job offer.

The benefits of hiring a career counsellor

Career counsellors are experts in skills such as career planning, resume writing, negotiation and job interviews. While you may only be looking for a new job or changing careers a few times in your life, these professionals are up to date with current hiring practices as they are constantly working to help job seekers.

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Email: hello@talent-ability.com

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